Amazing Ways to Get Permanent Marker off Almost Anything

Amazing ways to get permanent marker sharpie off almost anything

For some reason, children seem particularly attracted to permanent markers. I’ll never forget the time my daughter drew with permanent marker on our couch or the time my son wrote with permanent marker on the neighbors’ house siding. Another time, my other son wrote with Sharpie permanent marker all over my husband’s brand new wooden […]

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5 Secrets to Big Savings on Organic Groceries

5 secrets to big savings on organic foods

More and more people are choosing the benefits of eating organic food.  The reasons to eat organic are many: higher in nutrients, grown without pesticides, and grown without GMO’s — just to name a few. Moms are choosing organic food for their children. However, the cost of organic groceries can sometimes be too high for […]

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5 Secrets to Success During a Job Interview — Get Hired!

successful job interview secrets

Going to a job interview can seem stressful and nerve-wracking. You may be re-entering the workforce after raising children, or applying for a new job in your field with higher pay. Whatever the reason, going to the interview means that you are very interested in getting the job. Did you know there are secrets to […]

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3 Easy Steps to Hard Boil Easter Eggs in the Oven

hard boiled Easter eggs in oven

For the past several years I have “hard boiled” our Easter eggs in the oven. I prefer to do it this way because it is easier and the eggs are less likely to crack. This year I did 5 dozen Easter eggs in the oven, 2.5 dozen at a time! I highly recommend cooking hard […]

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Supercharge Your Health with Korean Red Ginseng Tea (Review)

health benefits of korean red ginseng tea

Have you ever heard of Red Ginseng Tea from Korea? First of all, I am not being paid or compensated in any way for this post — the opinions are mine.  As you know, if you’ve been reading my blog, we are currently hosting a Korean exchange student. When he arrived, he presented me with […]

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5 Secrets to Having a Successful Yard Sale

selling on online yard sale sites

Spring is yard sale season. I love shopping yard sales, and I have held many yard sales to get rid of items our family no longer needs or uses. Perhaps you have been spring cleaning, realized there is a lot of stuff your family owns that you don’t use anymore, and are considering having a […]

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3 Helpful Tips for Shopping at Discount Grocery Stores

save money shopping discount grocery store

What is a discount grocery store? A discount grocery store sells food and other products for significantly less than a regular grocery store. The savings can be phenomenal. Let me tell you about my trip to our discount grocery store last week. Here are just a few of the items we bought for our family: […]

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3 Tips to Encourage Reluctant Readers to Read More

encouraging reluctant reader to read

Are your children reluctant to read? Do they struggle with reading? Both of my boys have been reluctant readers. My first son is extremely bright, but as a younger student, he was just not interested in reading in his spare time. My second son struggled more with reading, and still has to be encouraged to […]

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5 Helpful Links for Filing Income Taxes

filing income tax links helpful

Tax season is here once again. Every year, when I do our family taxes, I search for various helpful resources and answers to my questions online. Here are 5 helpful links for filing income taxes: 1. Free File – File your income taxes for free here.  — There are a wide range of options for […]

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4 Free Resources for Teaching Children about the United States Presidential Election

free resources to teach children about the United States presidential election

Election season is upon us once more, and it’s important as parents to help our children understand the election process. Children will usually study elections at school, but it is helpful to use additional resources at home to further clarify the entire process. If you homeschool, the tools below will be especially useful. Let’s face […]

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