4 Free Resources for Teaching Children about the United States Presidential Election

Election season is upon us once more, and it’s important as parents to help our children understand the election process. Children will usually study elections at school, but it is helpful to use additional resources at home to further clarify the entire process. If you homeschool, the tools below will be especially useful. Let’s face it, our election process is long, drawn-out, and confusing.  Here are 4 free resources to help teach children about the process of the United States Presidential Election:

1) Congress For Kids – This website has a lot of fun information about the US Presidential elections. It includes projects to do, fun facts about past presidents and elections, and detailed information to read about the entire process of electing a United States president.

2) The US Government website – Includes a free downloadable poster of the US presidential election process. Explains the entire presidential election process on the website in 4 simple steps. Definitely a good and simple resource to use!

3) Family Education –  Website contains a number of helpful links about the election. Includes printables and quizzes . This site even has links to print out pages such as “vote for your favorite color” – great for preschoolers to learn about voting. At the bottom are links to other educational resources on the topic.

4) Youtube — Youtube has a number of helpful videos to show your children, including:
“Electing A US President in Plain English”, and “Primary Elections Explained“.  Many children are more visual leaners, therefore, watching a short movie about the United States electoral process would be extremely helpful to them.

Please feel free to share other free resources in the comment section.

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