5 Helpful Links for Filing Income Taxes

Tax season is here once again. Every year, when I do our family taxes, I search for various helpful resources and answers to my questions online. Here are 5 helpful links for filing income taxes:

1. Free File – File your income taxes for free here.  — There are a wide range of options for incomes below $62,000 and incomes above $62,000. These options include popular online tax providers such as H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, and Turbo Tax.

2. Answers to Your Income Tax Questions — This page contains links to helpful articles that answer common income tax related questions. Some of the questions include topics related to self-employment, education questions, and citizenship questions.

3. Changing your name (or your child’s name)—Did you recently get married or divorced? If so, you will want to use this IRS link to report your legal name change before filing taxes. Also, use this link if you changed the name of a dependent (for example, adopted a child and changed his/her last name).

4. Understanding the Impact of the Affordable Health Care Act on your taxes — The ACA contains tax provisions that will likely affect your family. Changes to the health care law require you to carry health insurance or face a penalty on your taxes. There are also tax credits available (depending on income level) to help your family pay for health insurance. Find out all the information and how it affects you and your family at this link!

5 helpful links for filing income taxes

5. Check the status of your refund. To use this online tool you will need your social security number, your filing status (single, married filing jointly, etc), and your exact refund amount. The IRS notes that this site is only updated once every 24 hours, usually overnight.

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  1. Oooo, I did not know you could check the status of your refund online!! How cool is that?? Gonna pin this for future reference! Thanks for linking up at Frugal Friday! 🙂

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