5 Secrets to Big Savings on Organic Groceries

More and more people are choosing the benefits of eating organic food.  The reasons to eat organic are many: higher in nutrients, grown without pesticides, and grown without GMO’s — just to name a few. Moms are choosing organic food for their children. However, the cost of organic groceries can sometimes be too high for the family budget. Here are 5 secrets to big savings on organic groceries for your family:


1.Utilize coupons. Many people do not realize that some organic brands send out coupons regularly. One way to get these is to write your favorite organic brand (via email) and ask if they have any coupons available. Simply Organic brand has an entire page of coupons on their website, and Whole Foods Market also offers weekly coupons.


2.Decide which organic items are really necessary to purchase. The most commonly purchased items are milk, meat, and produce. This website lists the “Dirty Dozen” (produce that you should consider buying organic), and the “Clean 15”  (items you can safely purchase conventionally). Evaluate which groceries are worth buying organic.

5 secrets to saving money on organic groceries

3. Shop for store brand organic items. Whole Foods, for example, offers its own brand of organic items (365 Every day Value).  Store brands almost always cost less than name brand organic products.  Also, Aldi’s discount stores now carry a wide range of organic groceries for less.


4. Grow  your own!  Start a garden to raise your own organic vegetables. If you garden, be sure to freeze and preserve some of your produce to use on the off-season.


5. Buy in bulk. Stores like Costco or Sam’s Club may offer items in bulk such as organic flour or oats. Be sure to check the price per ounce before purchasing, because sometimes buying in bulk is not really a savings.

With smart shopping, and perhaps some gardening, eating organic does not have to break your budget. If you have any tips on ways to save money on organic groceries, please post in the comments.

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  1. Buying organic is really important to our family but it can be expensive! I do love costco’s selection of organic produce and meat and buying in bulk and freezing. I would love to grow a garden with our own vegetables to help save too!

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